Please check out the following math webpages.  I like to reference them a lot in my classroom for both learning math and for practicing what you learned in class.


  • Glencoe is a great site for both learning and practicing.  It matches with our textbooks (2005 edition).  You can check out parent-student study guides as well as take self-check quizzes.  First choose either Pre-Algebra 2005 or Algebra 2005 and then find the chapter we are working on.

Pre-Algebra Glencoe 2005:

Algebra Glencoe 2005:

AAA Math

  • AAA Math is a fantastic site for practicing.  It is actually for K-8 students so if you don’t remember something from before you can go back and learn it here.  Choose 8th grade, then choose your topic.  Every lesson has a spot where you can learn, practice, play, and explore.  This is also a fantastic spot to practice your multiplication facts if you still don’t know them!