Accelerated Math is a program we use at SOMS to help students retain math information and keep all the skills they previously learned fresh while they learn new content in the classroom.

Each student will have a green Accelerated Math (AM) folder.  Students will ALWAYS have a practice to be working on.  They should work on this practice when they finish their classwork, at home, or when they have nothing else to do!

When students finish their practice they need to scan their answers at school.  There is a scanner in every math classroom and we have scanning rooms during morning hall time (8:10 – 8:30 am).  It will be room 129 for 1st semester and room 133 2nd semester.  When you scan your practice you will earn testable objectices and the program will print you a report and a new practice.  You should always look at your report to see what you missed, figure out why you missed that question.  More than likely your new practice will have some of the same types of questions you missed on the last practice.

Every other Friday, I will print every student a test.  You must have scanned a practice at least once and earned some testable objectives.  You will still have a practice out to complete (DON’T get rid of practices until you have scanned them) and you will now have a test.  You will have until that following Friday to scan your test and hopefully your practice.

Here is a sample schedule:

  • Friday, August 20 – Get Accelerated Math
  • Friday, August 27 – By today scan a practice
  • Friday, September 3 – Get a test
  • Friday, September 10 – Scan test and practice
  • Friday, September 17 – Get a new test and continue with practices

Students will be rewarded in several different ways by completing Accelerated Math.  First, any student who has 70 objectives at the end of the year and a 80% test average will get to go to the AR/AM Carnival.  Students who reach 120 objectives and an 80% test average will earn double tickets for the carnival.

In addition, students who go above and beyond will be rewarded each quarter at the team Goal-Getter Ceremony.  The expected number objectives for the four quarters is 15, 20, 20, & 15.  Students who earn 25, 35, 35, or 25 in a quarter will receive a goodie bag and sonic drink (to of course drink in front of their classmates who didn’t work so hard).

Also, the student with the most objectives after 8 weeks in a quarter will receive a $25 gift card to anywhere they choose.  Not to mention that the top 5 students in the school will have their picture, name, & team listed on the school website each week.  Come on Voyagers – I want to see you on the school website EACH week!

Finally, any student in my class who has reached 175 objectives in the school year will earn a steak dinner.  In 2008, it was 2 students.  In 2009, it was 2 students.  In 2010, it was 3 students.  How many will get to go this year?????  Will it be you?