Welcome to the 8th grade!  I am excited about the upcoming year and the fun and educational opportunities I have planned for you. I will be asking a great deal of my students and am confident that they will realize the importance of determination and hard work.  Parents, your support and encouragement will help determine the success your child has this school year.  Please keep the lines of communication open with your child.  They will benefit from having interested listeners in their homes to hear about their days at school.  It is my desire that you often hear about the great things that are happening in my class.

These materials ALONG WITH YOUR HOMEWORK should accompany you to class daily.

  •  Math Binder (with paper)
  •  Pencils with erasers
  •  Composition book (for math journal)
  • Calculator or calculator card
  • Accelerated Math Folder
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Textbook
  •  Regular Marker

Math Binder:

            It is crucial that you keep your math notebook in order and up to date.  This is perhaps the most important element of success in math class.  Each day you will be expected to date your class notes and place any handouts or homework in order behind the notes.  It is your responsibility to ask either a fellow student or me for any missed notes, classroom activities or work that you need because of an absence or missed class.  You can check this website under your class name/unit name/unit calendar to obtain missing work.


            You will be graded in some manner on almost everything you do in my class.  Your academic grade (Term grade on the report card) will be based solely on tests, quizzes, journals, and selected homework assignments.  Your effort grade will consist of three factors: homework completion (on time and complete), use of class time, and cooperation (with me and with others).


            We will begin each day with a math journal question.  This is the very first thing you will be doing each day in math class.  You will be expected to come in, sit down, and immediately begin on the math question of the day.  We will discuss these each day to discuss thinking and mathematical strategies as well as important math content used to answer the question.

            Randomly (about every 7 days) I will tell you that the journal prompt will be graded.  On these days, you will be expected to answer the question in the same manner as all of our other journals but I will actually collect this and grade it for accuracy.  This will become part of your academic grade. 


            Homework will be checked on a daily basis.  All homework will be checked at the beginning of class and should be out on your desk while writing your journal question.  Students may earn up to 5 extra points on the unit test if all homework is turned in on time during the unit.  Once homework is checked for completion, students will use the turning point responders to answer 5 random questions.  Students may be asked to redo or complete a make up assignment  if their daily homework grade is less than 60%.  Parents will be notified by a note in the agenda, email, or a possible phone call if students are not turning in homework.  A teacher citation will be issued for more than 3 missing homework assignments (this includes late assignments for reasons other than an absence).


            At the beginning of class, after journal time and homework check, we will answer 4 flashback questions.  These questions will help keep your basic math skills sharp and provide extra practice for skills we have already covered or that had been covered in previous grades.  You will not be allowed to use a calculator on these questions.  Flashbacks will be graded at the end of each six week period ~ extra practice may be given if the flashback standard has not been met.


            We will have one or two quizzes and one test during each unit of study.  Each test will be graded on five to six standards set by the Kentucky Department of Education and aligned with the Kentucky CATS test.  It is crucial that you keep up with assignments and study daily so that you will be prepared.  Students are encouraged to review material daily and weekly for the unit that is being studied.  The website that coincides with our textbook, www.glencoe.com is a great resource for review and assistance.  Students will learn how to use this website before the first test.  This website is also a great resource for parents as well ~ parent/student study guides, self-check quizzes, and extra examples to practice with.

            Since your academic grade is solely based on tests, quizzes, and journals it is very hard to improve your grade other than studying for tests.  Make sure that you are being proactive in studying and not reactive once receiving a grade you find unacceptable!


            You will be assigned a calculator to use during class time. I will give you an index card with your name and calculator number on it.  To use your calculator, you take it from the holder and replace it with your index card.  You may not borrow a calculator without the index card being in the holder! If you lose the first calculator card that was issued to you, you will have to pay $0.25 in order to receive another card.  Your card is to be used by you only and not to be lent to another student in your class or any other math class.  You are more than welcome to bring your own calculator or leave it at home for homework use and use mine in class.  My calculators will not be allowed to go home.

Getting Help:

            I am at school each morning by 8:00 to work with students if they need assistance.  Students are welcome to come to my room between 8:00 and 8:30 to ask questions about homework or just wish a quiet place to work on accelerated math.   Students will not be able to stay after school unless cleared a day in advance by me as well as their parents.

 Parent Communication:

            Parents should feel free to contact me at anytime whether by phone, email or stopping by school.  The best method of communication is email if you wish to use it.  My email address is Jennifer.Crase@oldham.kyschools.us  If you would like to leave a message on voice mail, the school number is 241.0320 and my extension is 128.  I will return calls as promptly as possible.   I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your young person to make this year a good one for all!